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Stop jocking Queen already.

McFly are an English pop band consisting of Danny Jones, Tom Fletcher, Harry Judd, and Dougie Poynter. They have had six number 1 singles and two number 1 albums. I think it's
six and two. I don't know, I wrote this a long time ago back when Star Girl was just coming out. At any rate, they were also in a movie with Lindsay Lohan. The acting was a bit terrible but then again Just My Luck was no Mean Girls, was it?

McGoodies is an online community for the band that has the latest news, pictures, and videos and most excitable fans. We are aware you steal from our community and come post our "fresh off the press" news here and we are coming to put an end to it.

If McFly were a proper boyband, Dougie would be the Lance Bass, Harry would be the Nick Lachey, Tom would be the Brian Littrell, and Danny would be the Lee Ryan. They are not a proper boyband, however, which is a shame.

If McGoodies were a proper boyband, it would be 5ive. Do you wanna get freaky when the 5ive of us make one?

It should be noted that much like said proper boybands, McFly like to get their kits off on a regular basis. You can probably find all of those photos in the community. I'm not sure why you would need another reason to join, honestly.
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Well how about that.

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